Dear Nourit,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your outstanding staff for all you have done for my mom and dad over the past 8 years.  You have been a Godsend to the Ronnie family.

My mother Sharon had multiple debilitating problems for the majority of her life that took a toll on her in her seventies.  My father had to find a place to give her the dignity she so well deserved that her body had failed her in the twilight of her life.  After being placed in many different nursing homes when recovering from surgeries my dad had found North Lake Villas.  She spent approximately the last five years of her life at North Lake Villas.  She was always very happy, clean, and loved by your staff.  My mom always spoke very highly of everyone there.  My dad always felt she was getting the very best care and the difficult decision he had to make in placing her in assisted living was made easier with the love that was shown by you and your staff for his bride of 57 years.  My mom passed away in 2017 after a long battle with Parkinson’s disease.

Shortly after my mother passed my father Art’s health failed him and he was unable to care for himself.  I was faced with the most difficult decision of my life which was placing him in an assisted living facility.  I have to say it was made so much easier for me when I turned to you for help.  I was welcomed with true love from you and your staff.  I made the right decision in placing my father at NLV.

My dad loves your staff as he has known all of them for the past several years from when visiting my mother.  Your staff is the same I have seen for the past eight years and they all know me by name.  Every time I show up at NLV my dad is dressed, clean, and his bed, as well as his room, is neat and orderly.  My dad always speaks positively about your staff and refers to NLV as home.  My dad’s disease is progressive and so is his emotional state, he tends to get angry. 

I have to tell you that your staff is more than patient with my dad.  He can be a challenge and your staff treats him with true compassion and dignity.  I realize this can be very hard to accomplish when emotions run high with the patient.

I hope someone deciding to place their loved one in your care truly considers NLV.  I can sing the praises of NLV for a few more paragraphs but the true story lies with how well my father is taken care of by you.  All his needs are met and he still feels his life has value, that he has not been forgotten.  His medical care is relatively simple but your trained staff can address any problem that may arise and I am confident he is in the very best care I can afford.

I truly can’t thank you enough for all you do for my father,

Matthew Ronnie 

Matthew Ronnie

Dear Nourit,

I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to you and all the staff at North Lake Villas for the care that my mother, Emma Gonzalez receives.

Last March 2011, I received a phone call from my mother’s social worker letting me know that I had to find my mom another assisted living facility, because the place she was residing in would be closing that year.

North Lake Villas was recommended by her social worker, Martha Celis and once I visited, I knew my mom would feel comfortable.

Since my mom moved in last year, I have had peace of mind in knowing how well your staff takes care of not just my mom, but all the other residents.

A few months back I was informed by Cindy that my mom no longer required the use of insulin. This was great news for us and I am aware that this is only possible when good nutrition and exercise is part of a diet and I am grateful that this change is due to the good nutrition and care she receives there.

During our weekly visits, I can tell that my mom is a bit more active when it comes to participating in exercise and other social activities held at North Lake Villas than she was at her previous residence. This seems to make her happy and she does not seem depressed. She used to spend hours in her room at the other residence not wanting to participate in any activities or exercise and did not want to socialize. However, her attitude has changes and I know it is because of the care that is provided by you and your staff. Again, thank you and your staff for the attention and treatment you provide.

Best Regards,

Rosie Davies

Dearest Nourit and North Lake Villas Family,

I am deeply and forever grateful for all you did to secure my mother, June’s, move into your loving community at North Lake Villas; even as you suffered with your unexpected need to care for your own dear mother. I have begun this letter many times. I always fine the words are not sufficient.

I expected Mom to be with us now; to rally and improve, wrapped in your homey environment and tender ministrations. I hold you and all your staff in my thoughts and heart every day. Truly.

What I want to say to you in Thank You. For fighting alongside us to get Mom situated with you, for providing so nourishing a home for so many; for living and giving and working with heart and soul-fed conviction. I wish we had known of you all earlier. I am sad Mom had so short a time in a home such as she might have created. She would have applauded you for the truth you have created in the sensitivity and humanity of your work, the very personal and comfortingly human touch you all give it by being fully present.

What you all provide is unique, I am so sad to say. For everyone deserves the humanity, engagement with life and interpersonal tenderness you provide. I wish I had the power to place you in direction of care services for all among us who need them, whether through injury or wear of body or mind, because you keep the soul of care intact. This is so clearly more than a job for each and every one of you, but rather a calling of heart.

While I wish Mom had been with you longer, I thank you for the home where she could relax enough to let go and go home. Thank you for welcoming us into your hearts and lives. You are all in mine, glowing with love.

With blessings for my mother, blessings for your mother, every mother, father, sister, brother, child and each and every one of you at North Lake Villas!

Always in my heart,

Julie Gold


I want you to know that I hold you in my heart daily love and admiration and gratitude. I am continuing to heal and will be up to visit soon. Bless our mothers and all of our companions in this life! All Blessing and love to you and to all at NLV!